Heine Fourie, better known as Joppie to everybody, had his first encounter with cancer when his mom got breast cancer and died September 2001. Then in 2008 Marlené, his daughter, at the tender age of 16,got diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. Ewing Sarcoma is a very aggressive and rare type of bone cancer. Marlené died in 2009 after being sick for 9 months. Joppie didnt know how to handle it and went into a very deep depression and started drinking heavily. After a very good friend spoke to him and pushed him to realise that his daughter did not want him to live like this. He must rather go out and celebrate the life she lived. He first decided he is going to go walk to get his mind right but then decided that he must walk for a purpose. That is how the dream for Ten million steps for cancer started.

Marlené Fourie

Marlené Fourie – a victim of Ewing sarcoma

He decided in 2011 to start a trust in honour of her memory and legacy. Marlené was a fighter, not a quitter, she celebrated life and stayed positive right to the end. With this trust he wants to raise funds for cancer research and to help cancer patients struggling without medical aid and also see where there is help and goods needed to give the people the best possible treatment and care needed.
6 August 2011 he started his first journey. He walked more than 5200km around SA, pushing a customised hospital bed , to create awareness, raise funds for cancer research and bring forth the message to celebrate life. 363 days later on the 4th of August 2012 he arrived back home again.
Many more ‘ journeys’ and fund raisers are planned for the future for Ten million steps for cancer. First up is a roadtrip going back to all the towns and giving a slideshow with motivational talks about the journey and life. Kilimanjaro is also in the pipeline for next year.
People can also contact the trust to organise fundraisers for them to help a cancer patient with 10% of proceeds going to Ten million steps for cancer and the rest for the person the fundraiser is for.
If you want Joppie to come do a motivational talk at your business, school or club, you can contact the trust and we can sort it out for you at a donation made to Ten million steps for cancer.

Structure of the Trust

The Ten Million Steps for Cancer Project is based on an initiative by an individual, Joppie Fourie from Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa.
Oudtshoorn is home to the Ten Million Steps for Cancer Trust.
The trustees are:
Founder: Joppie Fourie
Chairman: Gideon Badenhorst
Lawyer at James King & Badenhorst
Accountant: David McKinnon
Accountant at Lampbrecht & Meyer accountants
Personal assistant: Dale Whitehead

Banking Details

Donations to trust: Bank: First national bank

James King & Badenhorst ingelyf
Ref: TT1199
Account number: 53230025926
Donations- running cost of project:
Brach code: 210414

Details for overseas donators:

Address for overseas donators: 66 High street, Oudtshoorn, 6625

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