Sunday 18 December

On Sunday morning I left Tiekie and Marlene to head on to Boshoff. Thank you so much for the great hospitality given.

Arrived in Boshoff just after 11 and staying in a guesthouse that used to be a maternity ward many years ago, hope I dont have to catch babies while here.

At 3 went to speak to the elderly at Huisgoedversorg. It was a awesome experience. After telling them my story and the reasons why I am doing ten million steps, it was like being in a school classroom, everyone’s arms in the air  to ask a question. I was shocked at how many of them’s spouses and children had cancer and lost people near to them. About 80 percent of them has been touched by the dreaded big C. I thought it was going to be a short talk that turned into a “kuier”  of over 2 hours.  When I left there I had 2 house visits to do. I was very priviledged to meet Tannie Rene Marais (90), the suster of old Springbok legend Hansie Brewis. Tannie Alida Jouberty spoiled me with a bag full of biscuits and rusks. Toy Ungerer, Nico Ungerer’s wife is a old scholar from Boshoff. I ended my day with a very nice chat to the minister and his wife.I really had a wonderfull time and learned a lot in Boshoff.  I carried on the next day with a lot more motivation and pwer in me to do what I am doing.

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