10th, 11th and 12th January 2012

Hi everyone hope you all are doing well and still celebrating life!! On Tuesday I left  Ventersburg walked till about 12km before Kroonstad wanted to walk all the way but there 2 people that wanted to walk into Kroonstad with me the next morning and they also organised the traffic to escort me in.  The weather as unpredictable in the Free state as ever, was to lazy to pitch tent so just put out matrass to sleep on. Went to bed at 8 and weather was fine just the wind blowing a bit. At 12 before I could set op tent in time the rain started and I was sopping wet. So I learned a lesson, always pitch the tent even if you going to sleep in front of it.

While getting ready wednesday morning I did something really stupid. While putting on my sunblock I accidently got some in my eyes Hell that burns, could see nothing out of them.  If it wasnt for Mimi and her son walking with me and the traffic escorting us I would have been driven over by a car  more than half of the way I walked with my eyes closed.  First thing I did when I got to Kroonstad is to go see a doctor and he said my eyes was fine and gave me a vitamin injection.  Had a nice dry nights rest at a lovely guesthouse organised by Mimi. Was going to the hospital today but there no cancer patients at the moment and oom Willie was not available. Darius Botha, who lost 2 kids to the big C, came to visit me and we had a long chat.

Tomorrow I am carrying on down the road again. My next stop was going to Viljoenskroon round to Klerksdorp and then Klerksdorp then Potch, but took a drive out and looked at the road and decided going to stay on N1 and walking to Parys next and then Potch and when in Potch will be going to Klerksdorp for a day.

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