Monday 23 January

Radiation, tunnel machine

Monday morning went through to Klerksdorp with Johannes. Just want to thank him and his family for organising me transport while in Potchefstroom and for the accomodation the first night in Potch.

On Saturday evening while making potjie with Johannes and Wynand and Johannes’s house we chatted about things in our lifes we will do again.  There were 2 things we all 3 agreed on. That is our matric year with the same pupils and the same teachers. Just before I left on my ten million steps journey hoender (Carlene Herholdt) organised our 30 years school reunion. What a blast! Had a 78% turn out.

The second thing is the army with the same luitenant, corporals and troops. Without what I learned there I wouldnt have been able to make it on this journey. That is what gave me the mental and physical strength to withstand all on this journey so far.

Wait talking a lot of nonsense now as I was saying went to Klerksdorp with Johannes. First I went to visit the Klerksdorp provincial hospital’s oncology unit. I was received there by Amanda Weldon the head of the oncology unit. She was amazing, she told all the other departments about me coming and what it is about. Not something you see at lots of provincial hospitals. If I get cancer I will go to that hospital with a peace of mind. I wish Marlené could have experienced that. The staff work with so much enthusiasm and compassion for their job and the patients. The whole unit is so clean and up to date. Even met the pharmacist Fatima and she showed me how to mix the chemo.  The radiation unit was a experience and a half on its own. They showed me how everything works. How the do the measurements for a patient and work out the radiation and also the control room on how they monitor a patient on a video and keeping them calm and talk to them while they are in the tunnel. The bad news although they are doing brilliant work, every month they  treat up to 500 patients, 500 different patients every month, it shows you how the number is growing. Thank you to the provincial government  for keeping your provincial health dept so up to date and up to standard. Keep building on that what this hospitals uncology unit already achieved.

After that I went to Wilmed Private practice and also at the same time had a interview with Danie, a journalist from Klerksdorp’s local newspaper. At Wilmed I was greeted by Hanelie Malan the councilor. After she introduced me to everyone she spoke to me about councilling and taught me a few lessons. They involved with so many projects to help and support patients and survivors> Its amazing. Love u all

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