Rest of my week in Potchefstroom

Sorry have been so quiet went through a dip in Potchefstroom and needed time on my own and time to think. I almost stopped the project and was on my way to plan getting back home, but then I started thinking of all the cancer patients Ive met along the way and all the other lovely people that support my project and realized I cant give up now Ive come so far already.

On wednesday afternoon I met a journalist from the local newspaper in Potchefstroom for a interview and we ended up chatting for almost 3 hours. What a lovely young chap. He said he is doing a big article and is also going to do a follow-up later along the way.

Was suppose to leave Friday already but  Frikkie phoned and asked if I can come see him Friday morning. So Friday morning I drove through to Klerksdorp to go and meet Frikkie. What a lovely person. His son also had a type of bone cancer and was round about the same age as Marlené. He also died in 2009. He was the one that got me out of my negative slump and ready to carry on again.

Thanks to Johannes and Mariaan for everything you did for me the week in Potchefstroom.

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