Pretoria and Johannesburg 1

First of all sorry everyone that the blog is so far behind but ja things has been very hectic!!!! Very little sleep, busy schedule and lots of driving in gauteng traffic was my eoutine while in Pretoria and Johannesburg. I drove around 1000km in the week I was there. Coudnt visit provincial hospitals as we got no cooperation from them to schedule appointments etc.  As you all know last week Tuesday I was in Brits for the knipmes manne braai. Thanks a lot Hennie and Adrien Briel for organising that and then also for the vehicle with the sign writing given to me for the week in Pretoria and Johannesburg.  There was about 80 men at the manne braai. AJ Dippenaar came all the way from Bloem to spent the eve at the manne braai. Blackie Swart and his band was the entertainment for the night. There was 5 sheep on the spit and each man came prepoared with his own knipmes. Thank you Jan Scheepers from Deon’s vleismark that bought the knipmes that got auctioned off for ten million steps for cancer. a whopping R3200. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it a succesful fundraiser for ten million steps.  The men fell away like  vultures and soon only bones was all that was left fo that 5 sheep. Even the dogs could only look, no left overs for them. Last of the men only left around half past 12 so got to bed after 1.

Next all the way to Johannesburg thanks to the aunty on the GPS. I listened to her very carefully and made it to the hotel safely. That evening I spent with Wanda, my brother’s ex, who is a breast cancer survivor.

Thank you Leonora, my cousin, who organised a lovely supper for me on Thursday night with all my family here in Johannesburg. Was so lovely to see all my cousins again after almost 20 years. It is so sad the hectic lifestyle we live nowadays keep us away from our family. We must make more time to spend with loved ones and family members.

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