Friday morning early I booked out of the Protea Hotel Wanderers and carried on to Warmbad to miss most of traffic as I had to be at the high school at 11.  What a wonderful experience to speak to the kids at such a well disciplined school. One of the first things I noticed on arrival that the kids come first at this school. Received some great news from one of the teachers in the GR10 syllabus from this year on the kids are learning about cancer and stem cell transplants. The kids was so enthusiastic about my project and on arrival I saw they decorated the hall and the bed with flowers and some of them was also wearing flowers on their ties.

Dane and Marlise.

Speaking to the kids about Ten million steps

Some of the kids checking out the bed



















After hoerskool Warmbad I went to Academia privat school to give a talk to the senoir kids there. a Big part of the afternoon was spent at NTK/Landmark offices with Estelle Benadie who organised all the school visits and all. Then I went to the athletics meeting of 4 schools in district competing, took me back to my own school days. Had a chat to the parents there. That evening had a steak braai with Wynand and Estelle. Wynand and I started chatting about our own school days and before we know it it was after 12 again.

This next morning I went back to NTK/Landmark to meet the Partrite/energizer representatives who presented me with gifts from them which included a new tent, booklite, headlight and nice t-shirts with their logo and ten million steps logo on it and also some bandannas.


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