Cancer friend Ingrid Kotzen

It is  with a song in my heart and a thankful smile to God that I post this comment of Ingrid one of my cnacer friends on the blog for all to see.

Well, well . . . . another milestone reached and it felt like eternity when it started . . .

Just got back from oncologist, and all tests look fabulous and clear . . what can I say . . . very emotional . . .

One very HUGE THANK YOU to all my friends and your endless support and love, without you this journey would have been unbearable. Your messages and support lifted and carried me through those dark days when I “dissapeared” and felt like “all was lost” . .

On those days I re-read your messages over and over, and it truly gave me the strength to keep fighting . . .

I only have one favor to ask, and believe me it is for such a good cause . . . Please support my friend Joppie’s “Ten Million Steps for Cancer” in any possible way you can . .

I am very fortunate that I am on a Medical Aid, had a the luxury of a brilliant Private Hospital, and most costs were covered. But there are truly people out there who cant even afford the transport to get to a government hospital for their treatment. Cancer in itself is traumatic enough, and no-one should have the added trauma these people suffer . . so please, whatever you can do or donate would be highly appreciated!

Now . . on a happier note . . . Here’s to new beginnings and endless gratitude to wonderful friends and brilliant specialists, and most of all, Thank you God !!! Baruch Hashem !!

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