7March to 10 March

Left New Castle two days late because had to sort out some logistics and also getting laptop etc. So route had to change a bit because cant get behind schedule as from Pietermaitzburg to Durban lots of activities planned already. On the 7th had to do 30km, very dangerous route and cant really sleep next to the road. Leaving New Castle I landed in the midsts of a strike. Had to every now and again toy-toy with and sing with as I walked through them to carry on. Spent the evening on the farm of Pieter van Der Westhuizen. Just want to thank them for the lovely bible they gave me and for accommodating me for the night.

Th morning of the 8th I left the van der Westhuizens ready for the day. Who would have thought I was going to have such a hell of a day. Dont know how far I walked or where I slept next to the road. Almost got killed 3 times and saw a truck overturn right infront of me in the road. Was so hectic with trucks passing me, not 10cm away from me, that I started crying. That eve it rained a bit so got a bit wet because didnt have the power in me to pitch my tent. Had a good nights rest still. The zulu’s working at the stop and go all came to say hello and chat and looked after me through the night.  50km’s to Ladysmith and suppose to arrive there tonight. Dont have the pwer for the day after the day I had the previous day.  Just couldnt do it, phone the guesthouse where accommodation was arranged in Ladysmith and told them will only be there the next day. Only did 8km and slept about 15hours was mentally so tired.

On Saturday the 10 th arrived in Ladysmith just before 5 at Hunters lodge where I was sleeping for the next 2 nights.  was very tired after doing almost 5okm that day. Had alovely shower the first one in 4 days.

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