My bed was stored at the Nutec offices and walked from there to Pietermaritzburg to Meadow Feeds factory where the staff got me a km or so away to walk with me in. I spoke to them about cancer and my project. Was quite difficult as most the workers are Zulu so I had a tolk that interpreted everything I was saying back to them in Zulu. Thank you Kerry for everything you organised. Had lovely snacks and chats to everybody.

The next day I went to meet, one of Meadow Feeds workers, Lynne and her son Keegan. Keegan has the same cancer as Marlene had. He has been fighting Ewing Sarcoma for 4 years already. What a lovely boy. With the cancer Keegan is also deaf. He wasnt born deaf but turned deaf because of a childhood illness. Amazing to see someone who is deaf and has cancer be so positive and then we healthy people can be so negative. What a shame. We should learn from people like this on how to live life!!!!

Me with Keegan and his mom and sister

That afternoon after 5 Lizanne arrived in Pietermaritzburg along with Sheila Ross the Marketing manager for Meadow Feeds Randfontein that has been organising all the visits to all the Astral companies on the way. That evening the 3 of us went to supper at John Dorys and chatted about everything that has happened so far and what Astral has meant to Ten million steps so far and what they can mean in the future. Then I got a speech from the 2 ladies about me not eating breakfast in the mornings and that I must take my vitamins. Lesson learned dont go to supper with 2 women. No just joking must say feeling better in mornings after I now started eating breakfast before I walk.

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