Pietermaritzburg to Camperdown

Got up early after a night of almost no sleep. Dont know why but just could not get myself to fall a sleep. My days walking plans a bit deurmekaar as to hear how late and where Chris Skutte the CEO of Astral Foods want to meet me and walk with me. All I knew Polly shorts in my schedule for the day.

Had breakfast at half past 8 with Lizanne and Sheila. They made sure I ate something. Then to Meadow feeds factory where my bed was parked. Got there and got told that meeting Chris at Lionpark turn off at 12. So had quite some time to kill as I only have 5km to walk to the turn-off. Me and Lizanne took the time to go through some admin things and talk about the 2 functions that I am going back to Bloemfontein to for still on my way home.

They came to call us and to tell us  getting the staff together to say goodbye and get the bed on the bakkie to drop me on the road.

Then it was me and some hills till I got Sheila and Chris Skutte along the way to walk a bit with me. Sheila and Dave Stock, the manager of National Chicks , made turns to drive the bakkie and walk with. The last 1km to National Chicks farm just out of Camperdown, that was the end for the day, got met by a group of the staff and Lizanne to walk with us. They had banners welcoming me and shirts with the ten million steps for cancer logo on and everything.

Arrived there and had a lekka chat to all the workers about ten million steps and spoke a bit about the good and bad times on the trip, before we all had lunch together.

Then I had the afternoon of to relax a bit before a early evening braai with some of the managers of the surrounding Astral companies and Mr Skutte. Had talks about how Astral want to get more involved with the project forward and the homecoming that must get sorted. I wont be able to just sneak back into Oudtshoorn like I thought. Lizanne and Chris has big plans for my homecoming. Will keep everyone posted on how it develops.

The next day had a relaxing morning before I had to go talk to the staff at Early Bird, a neigbouring farm, also under management of Dave Stock. Thanks O’neill for taking me to town to get some goodies.

Me and Lizanne would just like to thank Dave Stock for welcoming us so nicely at National Chicks and for the great lenghts of trouble you went through to make us feel at home. Thank you for aknowledging Lizanne as well and for the nice gift given to her to say thanks for keeping up with me and all the work she does.

Dave Stock manager National chicks giving Lizanne a gift basket to thank her for all the work she does

Christo Schutte CEO Astral Foods giving me the Blackberry they sponsoring me with airtime every month

a Braai with some of the managers of Astral companies in the Camperdown area




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