Camperdown to Marian Hill toll plaza to Pinetown

after a lekka relaxing evening got up just after 7. Ready for the day. Had 25km to do to the Marian Hill Toll Plaza where I got fetched by Lions from Pinetown, Cowies Hill. Marian Hill is a hill and a half. Had a very crap hectic walk. For the first time in the whole journey got stopped by traffic and told I cant walk on the road its a national road. I just said got lost sorry. So they said okay can walk on to the toll plaza. Arrived at plaza after 3 where Shirleen, Anne, Alex and Lizanne was waiting for me. Bed got stored and got in the car with Alex. Didint have to time to first go to the guesthouse to shower and change. Alex took us to his house where I had a quick shower and then of to the Relay for Life in Amanzimtoti. At the relay had to say a few words about what I was doing. Then I had the honour and privlidge to walk around the track the first lap with the survivors. What a great moment!!!!

After that we went to supper at the Durban harbour, such a beautiful harbour WOW!!!

Thanks Alex for the lovely scenic drive we got spoiled to on the way to the guesthouse showing us how they changed the boardwalk and the cities beach front.

The next morning went to Knowles Spar in Pinetown just after 8 to meet the Lions that was going to walk with me from the Toll Plaza to the Spar that day. Got on the back of the truck and taken to the Plaza. only had 8km to do. While we were walking the other Lions of some of the surrounding clubs where having a fundraiser for Ten million steps at the Spar awaiting my arrival.

Got cheered on and met by them and also one of the councillors. The lady from the local newspaper took some photos and did a interview and then also a journalist from the daily news arrived and did a interview. One of the best articles written about the project so far was by her in the daily news the next day. Thank you for that.

Thanks for the lovely fundraiser and all the planning that went into it. Would also like to thank Trichia from Aloe Ridge that accomodated me for the 2 nights in Pinetown. Was lovely staying at your B&B, very beautiful and thanks for the lovely braai the sunday evening really enjoyed it.


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