Pinetown to Durban

Had a lovely relaxing evening at Aloe Ridge B&B and a nice braai with Tricia and her family that evening. The next morning was up and going just after 6 and Alec came to fetch me just after 7 to take me to Knowles Spar in Pinetown from where I was walking to Durban city hall. Thank you to the management at the Spar for allowing the Lions to have a fundraiser for Ten million steps there the day before with my arrival and also for storing the bed there overnight.

Arrived just before 8 at the Spar and Anne was there waiting to pick Lizanne up and take her to Durban. I realised my one wheel was a pit slippery and needed to be changed, but the people that know me knows that I cant do things rustig I am always in a rush to get things done. Always way to hasty. So got my stanley knife out of the bed to cut the cable tie with which I had the sparewheels tied onto the side of the bed. Rushing because I knew the traffic are on its way to escort me and dont want to keep them waiting. As Alex was saying watch out you gonna cut yourself, I already did. I cut my thumb. The knife went in at the back behind my nail and cut that whole back part of my thumb almost off. It was hanging on threads and the man did it bleed. Luckily the chemist was right there. Me and Alex ran into the chemist to see if they can help. The lady tried but alas no had to go to a doctor. She phoned the doc at practice right across the road and he said he can help me in the next 15minutes. So Lizanne and Anne went for coffee and Alex took me to the doc. Got 4 stitches. He said cant walk as I push with my thumb against the bar and must put absolutely no pressure on it.

Thank you very much to the doctor that helped me. He did it free of charge.

Alec phoned the one guy that worked with him to come with his bakkie and off we went with bed on the back of the bakkie to the Protea hotel where I was staying in Durban.

Thank you Alec for everything dont know what we would have done without you.


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