On the way to Hibberdene 4 April 2012

Yesterday was a hell of a day. Got up and ready to carry on. The guy from the Mercury first wanted to take a photo or 2 and chat a bit. Got on the around 10. Luckily only had 16km to do to Hibberdene. Started out very well. Took photo of the sign saying 37km to Port Shepstone!!! My turning point homewards. Phoned Lizanne to tell her how things was going and carried on. The next moment felt something hit my hip and there goes the bed tumbling. Next moment I see a bakkie next the road and the bed lying upside down wheels all over the place, buckled and bent. Thats when it hit me that guy with the bakkie just drove into me. After recollecting myself I realised he hit me on my hip and then the bed on the side. Luckily I was fine.

I phoned Lizanne and went into a panic, what now, what to do now.

Luckily at that same point Johan and Francine Zeeman phoned Lizanne to hear where Joppie is because they are on their way to Hibberdene and wanted to hear if he had accommodation for the night. Lizanne told them I was in a accident and needed help. They were like two angels send by God. They immediately found out where on the road I was and came to me to help. Helped me to get the bed to a safe haven and phoned a cycle shop so the bed can go in today to get fixed. I went home with them and they offered that no matter how long the bed takes to get fixed I can stay over by them.

Well the bed is at the cycle shop will take a few days as new rims must be ordered and because the bed is custom made a professional welder must sort out the forks that is bend closed and broken. I also need to get new mirrors on the back and the 4 poles with the flags on broke out so that needs to be fixed.

Anybody that want to help with the payment of the fixing will be much appreciated. Because without the bed there is no Ten million steps.

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