4 April – 12 April

With the accident happening and the bed needing to go in for repairs I had a few days to rest and relax. Thank you Johan and Florine Zeeman for taking me in and allowing me to stay with you guys for a week and for organising the cycle shop for the bed and everything.

On the 11 th I got the bed from Bobby’s cycles and carried on to Port Shepstone  to meet some of the Lions guys. Thanks Phillip and the rest for being understanding with the postponing of everything. I also met the guy from Cansa who showed me their offices and everything. Then it was loading the bed and getting into the truck with Johannes for the ride to Harrismith. Thank you Hennie Briel for organising the lift and thanks Johannes for allowing me to ride with you. Arrived in Harrismith late yesterday afternoon. Lizanne organised me accom at the Oude Huize Yard guesthouse. Thank you Hennie and Sandra for allowing me to stay at your B&B free of charge. It is much appreciated. Tomorrow on friday the 13th I am leaving Harrismith to start my journey homewards!!!!


At dinner table with the Zeemans my hosts for the last week

Working on the bed in the Zeemans garage while waiting for the wheels and new forks from Bobby's cycles


Checking wheels and spares infront of Bobby's cycles before walking to Port Shepstone

On the way to the offices of The South Coast Herald in Port Shepstone to meet the Lions

Receiving a donation from The Port Shepstone Lions Club.

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One Response to 4 April – 12 April

  1. Racquel Marillier says:

    Hi Joppie

    What an honour to meet you at the CANSA offices in Port Shepstone yesterday. I pray that your journey back home will be a blessed one. Wishing you all the very best. God bless!

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