Hobhouse to Bloem back to Hobhouse.

On wednesday afternoon I arrived in Hobhouse at the house of the DA councillor that offered me accomodation for the evening. Had a lovely evening with them chatting about the journey and also about their life and so forth. The next morning at 9 AJ Dippenaar came to fetch me to be taken to their farm just outside Bloem to go get everything ready for the manne aand the next eve.

Friday morning got up early to go to town and do some shopping. Then it was of to the place where function was being held that evening to make sure everything is right and getting sorted. The function that evening was a great success.

Saturday AJ took me to go have a look at the argicultural show and then to the post office to fetch my parcel fro Hi Tec. Received my parcel from Meadows the previous afternoon.

Sunday was a relaxing day. just had to go visit  Pierre Hugo, managing director of Vergezocht Plant oils (Pty)Ltd. The company want to get involved with the project.

Monday morning went farming with AJ for a bit and then at Lunchtime got my lift back to Hobhouse. Stayed over with the DA councillor, Debbie Dewey again that also storted my bed for me while I was in Bloemfontein. Thank you so much to Debbie for her hospitality and storing the bed for me.

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