Hobhouse to Wepener

After the function weekend in Bloemfontein arrived back in Hobhouse monday evening. Spent the evening with Debbie Dewey and the next day I had to take on the road to Wepener. Got away form Debbie’s house around 10 and then as going through town a lady stopped me and asked please she and her husband want to have coffee with me before i carry on. So went to coffee first. Had a lovely chat and cup of coffee. I told them a bit about the project and my experiences along the way and they told me about their own experiences with cancer. Walked 24km and found a nice spot to pitch my new tent for the evening. Was lovely to be out in the veld all by my own and the road was very quiet. So could relax and be with my thoughts.

The next morning had to do 20km to Wepener. Decided to take my time packing up. Started walking close to 10. 4km out of Wepener Wilma from Lord Frazer, where I was staying for the night, to pick me up. She said the road from there to Lord Frazer not nice. She wasnt kidding. “Sluk from the dam was lying all over the place, it looked like a major flood has hit the place. Most of the roads in Wepener is dirt and not tar. What a morbid little town, made me feel so sad.

Had to say thanks to Wilma. Such a lovely woman. Thanks for your hospitality and all the extra effort. much appreciated and also for the donation made to Ten million steps.

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