Alliwal North to Kalkoenkrans

Thanks Wanita for letting me stay so much longer. Stayed 2 whole days longer because had to wait for the bed. On Monday morning I left Alliwal North. Got accommodation organised next to the road at Kalkoenkrans. Only a 25km walk but took me till close to 7 that evening to get there. Got stopped by a lady that wanted to chat to me about what I am doing, the police stopped me to make sure I am not smuggling something in the bed. Can you believe it. After 5 it started getting dark and I wasnt there yet. Luckily the owner at Kalkoenkrans decided to drive out on his quad and see how far am. So the whole way to the farm house he drove behind me to give me better light and also for the other cars. Was buggered when I got there.

Although I rested in Alliwal for 3 days, I had to walk everywhere I wanted to be and the guesthouse I stayed at was 3km from the centre of town. So if I needed to go to town or go eat something it is 3km in and 3km back. So everyday I walked a minimum of 6km. My body is tired and sore I need a proper rest.

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