Kalkoenkrans to Jamestown

I was 35km from Jamestown and that was my walk for the day. My body was so sore and not really ready for this. I was tired and getting homesick. Missing my dad, brother,daughter and grandchild a lot. it was -5 during the night so is very cold. Some point  during the day i just reached breaking point and decided enough is enough i am quitting and coming home. I was about 6km from Jamestown and just felt defeated. Got to Jamestown booked into the place I was staying over and went to sleep. Woke up a little later in the evening feeling a bit better and realised i am so close to the finish lining,cant give up now. I can do this. Decided wont walk the nest day and just rest my body. The next day I slept and rested the whole day. By that evening I started to feel like my old self again and ready for the the challange still ahead of me. But decided so i wont get to that ultimate tiredness again I am taking another days rest the Thursday and only walking the Friday, with me changing the route and not walking to Dordrecht first and then Queenstown I had a few days to spare so decided taking all I can to get myself 110percent again. Thruday slept till about 8 got up, played around on the laptop a bit. Did some admin things with Lizanne and then went to town to buy water for the next few days to Queenstown. Was in bed early again to rest out for the next days walk

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  1. Kelly Avis says:

    Good Day Joppie
    I live in Port Alfred and about two weeks ago found out that our father has cancer and now has approxipatly two months to live.To day I found out that it has now spredd to his throught.He is currently in St Georges hospital in Port Elizabeth.I would like to no if when you come yhrough Port Alfred if you could call in by our restaurant on the beach front.I would very much like to meet you and chat to you,this is a unknown experience for me and my family.My mother is taking this very hard as my father is in so much pain that he cannot sleep at night.So if you have the time I would like to meet you and I am sure I can organise you a nights accomodation over the road from our restaurant and you can also enjoy your meals here with me in the restaurant.
    I look foward to hearing from you and I admire your noble cause.
    Best Regards
    Kelly Avis
    Guido’s Port Alfred

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