Jamestown to Dordrecht, Molteno crossing to Valschfontein caravan park.

Had 35km to do today. Got up with renewed energy and ready for this. Had not a bad walk today, just a lot of wind. When I got to the bridge at the crossing, there was a little fire going there that someone else must have made earlier. a Welcome, because was very cold. Went to bed very early. was quite tired and feet sore. Had to do 25km again the next day. Made it through the night, just the trucks woke me up a few times. Had 25km to do to Valschfontein caravan park where I was staying the next day. Most of my route consisted of the Penhoekpas, which was quite difficult as it is mostly downhill. the downhills is much more difficult than the uphills with the bed as the bed is over 100km and I have to push on the brakes otherwise it will just go down the hills and ja dont wont be nice.

Arrived at Valschfontein around 2 o clock. Had to wait for the owners who was on their way back from Bloemfontein. So parked my bed under a tree at the entrance got my sleeping bag out and decided to take a little nap. This is where the owners found me fast asleep when they arrived. Woke me up and gave me a caravan for the night with some extra blankets. The lady warned me must shower or wash in the evening, because it was going to get very cold and then the pipes ice over and there is no water then in the morning.  Was definately my coldest night on the trip so far. The icebears wear beenies and scarfes in this place to survive.

"campsite" by Molteno, Dordrecht crossing.

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  1. Candy Dixie says:

    Norman and Candy Dixie from Ladybrand were delighted to see Joppie again. He was striding it out in his usual determined fashion between Jamestown and Queenstown (295km from Ladybrand). We stopped and had a chat – lots of wind and then carried on. We hope to see him on our way back from Kleinemonde (near Port Alfred) on Sunday 3rd June between Cathcart and Stutt. Keep going Joppie, we are proud to know you.

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