Cathcart to Old Thomas river village, to Stutterheim.

Left Cathcart after a 2 day rest revived and ready to get to East London, because then I am on the home stretch!!

Walked 18km before Jaco from the Roundtable Cathcart came to pick me up with his bakkie and take me the 12km in on the dirt road to Old thomas river where I was staying the night. First the owners told Lizanne that she will have to pay for my accommodation for the night, but after affiving there and chating to the guy a bit about the project and after also seeing the bed etc he decided that I can stay for free. Was a nice quiet, relaxing evening.

Jaco picked me up 8 the next morning and dropped me on the N6 again to carry on to Stutterheim. Got there at the Engen garage around lunch time. Gary from the Round Table club Stutterheim and the president Ryno met me there. Loaded bed on the back of Gary’s bakkie and he took me to The Manderson hotel where I was staying the 2 nights. Thank you Ingrid for the sponsorship of the Acommodation and breakfast and supper.

Thank you Leigh Myburgh from Oudtshoorn for telling your friends in Stutterheim about Ten million steps and then the generous donation made by them to the project.

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