East London to Port Alfred

Paul Wilkie and Wesley dropped me and the bed at the East London airport on thursday morning around 8 (14June 2012) to start my walk to Gulu private lodge, where I was going to stay the night. The rooms at the lofge was full but they offered me a camping spot for the night. Paul arrived to take me to lunch and said no, lets leave the bed and you sleep at my house in East london with me tonight and I will just drop you here early tomorrow morning to carry on. SO went to lunch in Kidds beach and spent the night at his place.  Played with their little girl a bit early evening. She had a tummy bug and my luck early hours of the morning started throwing up and tummy just went. Did not really sleep and had quite a way to walk the next day.

Lizanne and Zanne both asked me not to walk and rest, but hardkoppig!! Paul dropped me at Gulu to fetch me bed and start the day at 8. Had to do 25km to the Chalumna river bridge, where I was being fetched by a friend of Paul and taken to Kidds Beach to sleep the night. Walked from Gulu the 5km to the Kidds Beach turn off but couldnt any more was so pap. Decided to phone the guy I was staying with the eve and say I am walking to Kidds Beach i cant any further. Took me 3 hours to 7km that day, where I usually walk about 6km a hour.

Had a rest the afternoon to built my strength and then went to meet a lady at the restaurant that lost her daughter to cancer. Had a lovely chat to her. Went to bed very early. Next morning felt much better and started my long walk to Hamburgh. I was going to get picked up by Paul at the bridge and taken through the cuttings and then walk to the Hamburgh turn off as the Cuttings apparently to dangerous for me to walk on my own. See the previous day I was suppose to walk to the bridge, but now I had to catch that up so walked the 20km to the bridge , got there and Paul and them werent there yet so decided to walk on a bit, about 5km further they picke me up and took me through the cuttings. Got dropped off and walked the other 8km to the turn off. SO ja did about 33km in total. Body was sore and very tired.

Got to the campsite and pitched my tent. Paul and the other guys went fishing and I went to have a shower and a bit of a rest. Had a nice few drinks later and something to eat with the guys at the little restaurant at the campsite and had a early night.

Next morning said goodbye to Paul. Here at the Hamburgh turnoff the East London round tablers gave me over to the Port Alfred tablers. Riaan the chairman of Port Alfred Round table organised my accomodation for the 2 nights left before Port Alfred. Had to walk 25km to the Mkwalana river where I was staying with Richard for the evening. Finished around 2 but decided to rest at turnoff a bit before phoning Riaan as it was sunday and fathers day. Phoned about a hour later and he got hold of Richard that told me how to get to his house. Had a lovely evening with him. He showed me a new and nice weather site to use for my forecasts. The site they use as he goes deep sea fishing a lot.

Next morning had to do 2o km to Kleinemonde it was cold and rainy so got a bit wet,  arrived at Eugene’s place early afternoon. Had a nice warm shower and got myself dry and a lovely rustige afternoon and evening with lovely people. They have such a beautiful, well mannered daughter.

The morning got up and ready to walk to Port Alfred. Was staying with Riaan the chairman of Round table in Port Alfred.

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