Email received about the funny looking man

Hi Jacques and all other interested parties.

Carol and I were returning from Ngwalana north of Port Alfred on 17/06/2012 on our way to East London and passed this funny looking contraption being pushed by an even funnier looking character. We decided to turn around and find out what he was all about.

When we stopped him he was about 33° 09’43.50”S 27 25’38.52” E which is about 50Km from Port Alfred on the R72 to East London.

This is JOPPIE FOURIE on his quest to promote cancer awareness due to the loss of his mother and daughter who passed away after suffering from this dreaded disease.

The inspiration of this man is unsurpassed.

His cart weighs about 115 Kg depending on the water. The roads are very steep in the Eastern Cape, can you imagine pushing this weight up those hills.

He is walking AROUND South Africa

He has been on the road every day since 06/08/2011 and aims to be back in Oudtshoorn on the same day in 2012.

His quest is entitled “TEN MILLION STEPS FOR CANCER”  and can be followed on Facebook.

In the short time that we spent with him, he explained the amazing response that Round Table has given to him and the support that has come with that.



Edgar von Gogh

Northern X-Ray Suppliers CC

There was also photos attached:


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