1 to 3 July in PE

I arrived at the hotel on the afternoon of the 1st had a bit of a rest and then my uncle came to fetch me and had a lovely early evening braai with them. Was so nice to just spent time with family

Monday the 2nd got up early. Wilinda Conradie picked me up at 9 to take me to the Avis office to fetch my rental car for the week Just want to thank her and her brother Rian, who from America, organised the vehicle for me. You guys saved my life!!. At 11 I met Charmaine Vosloo from CHOC at the Dora Nginz hospital. What a nice morning. She is a remarkable woman. With so little she is doing so much to help the kids with cancer. People support them. They want to change the one part of the hospital that is standing empty into a CHOC house for kids and families coming for chemo. They need to put in partitions and convert it into a place for the people to stay and as you know everything costs money. Please help them!!. Check out their website: www.choc.org.za

I had the priviledge to meet Nosipwo Ntenge. Quite a few years ago a little girl was diagnosed with leukemia and her future looked bleak, She received her chemo at this ver hospital. This little girl used to walk around in the ward with the doctors stetoscope around her neck telling everybody she is going to be a doctor one day and help all the sick people. Well I met that little girl today she is a 5year medical student at UCT and still in remission. It shows always believe and stay positive. There is so much more remarkable positive stories like this one out there. Never give up and trust in God.

That afternoon I went to visit my uncle a bit and just relax.

Tuesday the 3rd got up early it was my service day. Had a interview with Adore Morgan at Bayfm at 9:30, dentist appointment at 11 and had to go see the doctor at 3. Well got my engine oiled, my brakes checked and all the other parts serviced. Ready for the last km’s homewards.

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