4 August 2012 Homecoming!!!

Joppie’s homecoming

Arriving at Brian’s Grill the morning at 11:30 but festivities start at 10 already!!!!!

Hope to see the whole Oudtshoorn there and more!!

The evening:

Joppie Homecoming ete 4 Aug 2012

Plek: Brians Grill

Tyd: 18:30 vir 19:00

Koste: R100 p.p

Driegang maaltyd ingesluit Kontant kroeg

Skyfie vertoning en praatjie

Optrede deur UNDERCOVER


There is only 80 tickets available

For sale at Brians grill, Get Framed and Cansa office in Oudtshoorn from monday

Or contact me at 076 842 1697

Extra fundraising tools for homecoming:

Little feet: its a little foot for sale at R2 each at same places. On the foot there will be space to write a little message to a cancer patient or a memorabilia to someone special lost to cancer and then also a space to write Joppie a little message. The morning of the homecoming there will be a box at Brian’s grill where these feet can be put in. During the morning and afternoon the MC will read some of the messages and also at the evenings function, will post the messages on the blog and facebook and also a memorabilia page in the local newspapers.

Coin mile: The morning of homecoming a big map of SA with Joppie’s route on will be put out and people must come and put coins on the route. Lets see how many times with coins we can do Joppie’s  route before his arrival.


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