18 July, 19 July, 20 July

Lizanne in hospital giving birth today.

On my way to Bloukrans from Stromsriver. Weather much nicer than the previous days and rested out well at Tsitsikamma village inn, again thanks Pine for accom. Got to Bloukrans and got a surprise, 2 friends of mine rode on their bikes from Oudtshoorn to come and visit me. Thanks Chris and Graeme was great catching up. Was a late hectic night, but definately worth the suffer the next day.

Walked halfway to Plett the morning of the 19th and stayed over at Langley house. At the tollgate it was quite funny. I could go through free of charge, but had to stand close to the car in front of me and as soon as boom opened I must run behind the car with the bed to get to the other side. The alarms went off and quite a big commotion. Was very funny.

Had a relaxing eve at Langley house and walked the next day to Plett where I spent the weekend with family of my ex-wife.

Arriving at Plett Jacques from Tekkie town met me for coffee and took me to the branch. Got given a pair of tekkies.

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