Theme song for Ten Million Steps for Cancer

Willim Welsyn has written a song, Carry on Down the Road, for Ten Million Steps for Cancer and would like to distribute it to anyone who would like it. You can download it here (in MP3 format) at no cost and without infringing any copyright. Simply click on the link below.


Carry on Down the Road  – (7.6MB) by Willim Welsyn

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3 Responses to Theme song for Ten Million Steps for Cancer

  1. Joy Webber says:

    Please come to Swellendam and play this song at Joppie’s gathering.
    Thank you for this!

  2. Hannes Barnard says:

    Trust you had a great time in Swellendam with our freind Jop. We are very proud of him.
    We are also touched by the wonderfull support he is receiving along the road.
    Were you able to download Jop’s theme song?
    Hannes & Christine.
    (Aprolasa Oudtshoorn)

  3. Successfully downloaded Carry on Down the Road to my cellphone last night.
    It is beautiful with great words.
    Thanking you.
    Kobie & Attie

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