Reaching the top

Reaching the top

Matt and Joppie fixing the wheel

Matt and Joppie fixing the wheel

Got matt,Lizanne and my boet at waboomskraal pizza place with a rim to replace the one that got buckled yesterday because I made the mistake to try answer my phone while walking and lost a bit of control and the bed got pushed onto the gravel to quickly. So sorry if i dont answer calls and smses. Lizanne then walked with me to George.So in George now till thursday to visit hospitals and patients.Thanks Matt for driving behind us all the way and Johan Reeder joining us for the last 4 kms in to George

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3 Responses to GEORGE

  1. marilize larmour says:

    Hallo Joppie, mag God elke tree van die pad saam met jou wees! Ons bid vir jou en volg jou journey. Jy stap oppad Grootbrak toe verby ons huis, hoop ons is hier om vir jou te waai!
    Baie sterkte

  2. Hi Joppie. Elke dag is daar ‘n gebed vir jou. Mag almal wat jou ontmoet die groot visie wat in jou hart is ervaar en bemoedig word. Hennie Kruger

  3. Willim says:

    Jis JOP! Good luck met jou mission! Dankie vir die lekker kuier Vrydagaand, (ek hoop Lizanne dra die boodskap oor).

    Groete and Cary on down the road!

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