Sore feet

That''ll slow me down a bit

Had a lovely evening with Zanne, Pikkewyn and Marcus and Carla last night. Thanks for coming through and Carla for organizing accomodation with your fam there. Left the house about 9 this morning and walked to House of aloes just outside Albertinia, thanks Basson Piek and staff for the parcel you put together for my feet for me. Had breakfast with Zanne and Pikkewyn and then just after 10 I started carrying on down the road. Reached my destination, halfway between Albertinia and Riversdale around 3. Took my shoes of and ja the blisters is bad and my feet is very sore. Cant wait to get to Riversdale tomorrow and know I got a restday on tuesday. God Bless to all and thanks for all the lovely messages on my facebook profile Loaded a picture of my one foot onto my facebook profile go check it out to see how bad the blisters are.

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One Response to Sore feet


    Hi daar, EINA vir daai voete……..
    Hoop jy het darem n great “rusdag” vandag en hoop daai blaas is sommer baie beter more.
    Voorspoed, jys een ongelooflike inspirasie vir ons almal.

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