Theme song for Ten Million Steps for Cancer

Willim Welsyn has written a song, Carry on Down the Road, for Ten Million Steps for Cancer and would like to distribute it to anyone who would like it. You can download it here (in MP3 format) at no cost and without infringing any copyright. Simply click on the link below.


Carry on Down the Road  – (7.6MB) by Willim Welsyn

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Thank you

Dear friends and supporters. I know we have been quiet for way to long. I first must thank you all for your help and support along the way. Without you, I would never have been able to do it. I must thank all my loyal sponsors for all their generous help. I would like to thank African pride, Stellenbosch engineering, Hi-Tec, get framed, due south, Wintec solutions, Webworx, Willem Welsyn, the Lion international, Wispernet, Thys Auto, Round table, Meadows and Goldi chicken. I have an exciting new project coming soon. I can not wait to tell you all about it. Keep your eyes peeled! Soon all will be revealed. All I can say so far is…these feet were made for walking….


Kindest regards


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Knipmes manne aand

31 Oct Badenhorst slaghuis held a knipmes manne aand for ten million steps for cancer. 160 men attended. The sheep on the spit was eaten dry to the bone. The auction held selling of memorabilia of my trip raised quite a nice amount. We just waiting for a few last payments on that still coming in.

Thanks to the following sponsors:


Liqour city

Bello Cibo

Ollie’s carwash



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Sorry been so quite lately. Busy getting myself sorted and back to reality.  had to spent time with my family and also just find myself again. Had trust meeting yesterday. now the planning of the future for the trust starts as we dont want it to end. We need to start deciding where funds raised so far is going and also plan nwe things for the future to generate more funds.

On my journey a lot of people pledged donations to me and most of them never came to light. I would like to ask these people to find in their hearts to please make donations promised so we can have a nice amount of money to give to people in need with cancer.

The expenses to keep me alive and on the go on the road was not a small amount and we would love to make that money spent back with donations.

Please help me reach my dream of making a difference in  a few patients lives.

Cant promise to save lives with donations made but I can try make their lives more comfortable and help their needs.

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The morning of 4 August 2012 I got up to strap my feet and get ready for the last time. I was walking home!! At half past 8 I met the run walk for life from Oudtshoorn’s people by the turn-off to Chandelier to take on my last walk with me. on the bed I had my grand daughter. I had traffic escort all the way.

As Oudtshoorn came closer I got butterflies in my tummy and a lump in my throat, I did it!!

Just outside the biker club of Oudtshoorn joined to escort me home as I came closer to reaching my end destination the group of people walking with grew. I arrived at Brian’s Grill with a bang.  Their was survivors walking with, a band and drum majorettes. The tv welcomed me back home and all my family and friends was there. It was very emotional and touching to see all the people that supported me all the way.

Thank you to all the sponsors to making the day a succes and the sponsors that sponsored through out the trip.

That evening there was a dinner with a slideshow at Brians Grill. Thank you to each and everyone that paid R100 to be there. It was a great evening.

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Knipmes Manne-aand

Knipmes Manne-aand, Honde Eenheid, Oudtshoorn

Ondersteun Joppie op 31 Oktober

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Sedgefield and Wilderniss

After having 3 days in Knysna I took the road to Sedgefield. Got a wonderfull surprise along the way. My dad and Sarie came to say hello!! Sarie walked a bit with me. Was absolutely wonderfull seeing my dad after 11 months again.

Stayed at the backpackers in Sedgefield. Thanks Archie Hitge for organising it for me as the accomodation I had was to far out.

They drew the map of my route on the wall in the bar at the backpackers Afrovibe.

My brother came to spent a night with me at the backpackers.  Was lekker. Must thank Archie that at last got my burger that I was promised leaving P.E already.

Lohan and Surietha from Wispernet came to meet me in Sedgefield and braaied with us at the backpackers that evening. Got to be a late evening.

Got walking to Wildernis very late. And only arrived at accom after 3.  Went to Christo and Marjan Vermaak for a braai and the rugby. My brother and Henk was spending the evening there with them. Got another surprise my daughter and grandchild came to surprise me.  Spent a hour there with me and then had to drive back to Oudtshoorn.


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Left Plett monday morning early as it was quite a walk to Knysna. Thank you Jacques for picking me up and dropping me at Hotel.

Had a nice relaxing time in Knysna. Had drinks with Phillip Meyer and he gave me some nice ideas for the future of Ten million steps for cancer.

Thanks Protea hotel for the accomodation again.

  1. Early morning view from my hotel room window. Misty and cold

    Afternoon view from hotel room window

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18 July, 19 July, 20 July

Lizanne in hospital giving birth today.

On my way to Bloukrans from Stromsriver. Weather much nicer than the previous days and rested out well at Tsitsikamma village inn, again thanks Pine for accom. Got to Bloukrans and got a surprise, 2 friends of mine rode on their bikes from Oudtshoorn to come and visit me. Thanks Chris and Graeme was great catching up. Was a late hectic night, but definately worth the suffer the next day.

Walked halfway to Plett the morning of the 19th and stayed over at Langley house. At the tollgate it was quite funny. I could go through free of charge, but had to stand close to the car in front of me and as soon as boom opened I must run behind the car with the bed to get to the other side. The alarms went off and quite a big commotion. Was very funny.

Had a relaxing eve at Langley house and walked the next day to Plett where I spent the weekend with family of my ex-wife.

Arriving at Plett Jacques from Tekkie town met me for coffee and took me to the branch. Got given a pair of tekkies.

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Thank you Wispernet

Just want to thank Lohan and Surietha from Wispernet George for everything. thanks for all the help with my stay in George. The car given has helped a lot. The spitbraai was magnificent. Also thank you very much so long for vehicles given to transport me over the pass tomorrow.

For my arrival in George Barbara from the Lions organised people to meet me along the way and walk with and also a big welcome party. Thank you Wispernet for joining in and sending vehicles to drive with and walking with.

Getting Joppie along the way between Wilderness and Engen garage.

Getting a escort to the engen garage

Having coffee at Engen while waiting for the people walking with to the Mall.

Arriving at the Mall

Wispernet walkers

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15 16 and 17 July 2012

Thanks for all the prayers and support without that would never have made it, the weather is dreadfull. the winds blowing is over 25km per hour and the rain is pissing down.

staying at Tsitsikamma village in, thanks David Pienaar for the accom.

got 2 rest days, well needed after the difficult days I had with the rain and wind.

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