These boots were made for walking…

Me with Keegan and his mom and sister

Dave Stock manager National chicks giving Lizanne a gift basket to thank her for all the work she does

Christo Schutte CEO Astral Foods giving me the Blackberry they sponsoring me with airtime every month

a Braai with some of the managers of Astral companies in the Camperdown area

Debris scattered around after I wis sideswiped by a passing vehicle.

Damaged hostipal bed

The bed after it was hit.

Buckled bed wheel

A result of the accident.

At dinner table with the Zeemans my hosts for the last week

Working on the bed in the Zeemans garage while waiting for the wheels and new forks from Bobby’s cycles

Battered and bruised

Battered and bruised

Checking wheels and spares infront of Bobby’s cycles before walking to Port Shepstone

On the way to the offices of The South Coast Herald in Port Shepstone to meet the Lions

Receiving a donation from The Port Shepstone Lions Club.

Durban soccer stadium

Took the Skycar to the top




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