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6 August 2011 departing Oudtshoorn


Day Date Start Km Finish
Sat 06-Aug Oudtshoorn 20 Klipdrif
Sun 07-Aug Klipdrif 40 Schoonberg
Mon 08-Aug Schoonberg 40 George
Tue 09-Aug George
womans day function
Wed 10-Aug George
visiting interim house and hospitals
Thu 11-Aug George 25 Grootbrak rivier
Fri 12-Aug Grootbrak rivier 25 Mosselbaai
Sat 13-Aug Mosselbaai 21 veld
Sun 14-Aug Veld 21 Albertinia
Mon 15-Aug Albertinia 35 Riversdal
Tue 16-Aug Riversdal
Rest day
Wed 17-Aug Riversdal 30 Heidelberg
Thu 18-Aug Heidelberg 27 veld
Fri 19-Aug veld 26 Swellendam
Sat 20-Aug Swellendam
Sun 21-Aug Swellendam
Rest day
Mon 22-Aug Swellendam 30 veld
Tue 23-Aug veld 33 Robertson
Wed 24-Aug Robertson 24 veld
Thu 25-Aug veld 23 Worcester
Fri 26-Aug Worcester
Rest day
Sat 27-Aug Worcester 25 veld
Sun 28-Aug veld 24 Paarl
Mon 29-Aug Paarl 33 Belville
Tue 30-Aug Kaapstad
Rest day
Wed 31-Aug Kaapstad
visiting hospitals
Thu 01-Sep Kaapstad
visiting hospitals
Fri 02-Sep Kaapstad 25 veld
Sat 03-Sep veld 25 Malmesbury
Sun 04-Sep Malmesbury
50th birthday
Mon 05-Sep Malmesbury 17 veld
Tue 06-Sep veld 17 Darling
Wed 07-Sep Darling 23 Yzerfontein
Thu 08-Sep Yzerfontein
Rest day
Fri 09-Sep Yzerfontein
Rest day
Sat 10-Sep Yzerfontein
Rest day
Sun 11-Sep Yzerfontein 30 Duine pos (west coast national park)
Mon 12-Sep Duinepos 20 Langebaan
Tue 13-Sep Langebaan 12 Saldanha
Wed 14-Sep Saldanha
Rest day
Thu 15-Sep Saldanha 15 Vredenburg
Fri 16-Sep Vredenburg 20 Velddrif
Sat 17-Sep Velddrif 30 veld
Sun 18-Sep veld 30 veld
Mon 19-Sep veld 25 Piketberg
Tue 20-Sep Piketberg
Rest day
Wed 21-Sep Piketberg 30 Eendekuil
Thu 22-Sep Eendekuil 20 Citrusdal
Fri 23-Sep Citrusdal
Rest day
Sat 24-Sep Citrusdal 26 Cederberge
Sun 25-Sep Cederberge 26 Clanwilliam
Mon 26-Sep Clanwilliam
Rest day
Tue 27-Sep Clanwilliam 27 veld
Wed 28-Sep veld 26 Klawer
Thu 29-Sep Klawer 22 Vanryhnsdorp
Fri 30-Sep Vanryhnsdorp
Rest day
Sat 01-Oct Vanryhnsdorp 21 veld
Sun 02-Oct veld 22 veld
Mon 03-Oct veld 22 Nuwerus
Tue 04-Oct Nuwerus 18 Bitterfontein
Wed 05-Oct Bitterfontein
Rest day
Thu 06-Oct Bitterfontein
Rest day
Fri 07-Oct Bitterfontein
Rest day
Sat 08-Oct Bitterfontein 20 veld
Sun 09-Oct veld 20 veld
Mon 10-Oct veld 21 Garries
Tue 11-Oct Garries 23 Karkams
Wed 12-Oct Karkams 23 Kammieskroon
Thu 13-Oct Kammieskroon 30 veld
Fri 14-Oct veld 20 veld
Sat 15-Oct veld 18 Springbok
Sun 16-Oct Springbok
Rest day
Mon 17-Oct Springbok
Rest day
Tue 18-Oct Springbok
Rest day
Wed 19-Oct Springbok
Rest day
Thu 20-Oct Springbok
Rest day
Fri 21-Oct Springbok 27 veld
Sat 22-Oct veld 27 veld
Sun 23-Oct veld 27 veld
Mon 24-Oct veld 27 veld
Tue 25-Oct veld 30 veld
Wed 26-Oct veld 25 Pofadder
Thu 27-Oct Pofadder
Rest day
Fri 28-Oct Pofadder
Rest day
Sat 29-Oct Pofadder 45 veld
Sun 30-Oct veld 45 veld
Mon 31-Oct veld 45 Kakamas
Tue 01-Nov Kakamas
Rest day
Wed 02-Nov Kakamas
Rest day
Thu 03-Nov Kakemas
Rest day
Fri 04-Nov Kakemas 20 veld
Sat 05-Nov veld 20 Keimoes
Sun 06-Nov Keimoes 20 veld
Mon 07-Nov Veld 20 Upington
Tue 08-Nov Upington
Rest day
Wed 09-Nov Upington
Rest day
Thu 10-Nov Upington
Rest day
Fri 11-Nov Upington
Rest day
Sat 12-Nov Upington
Cansa Relay
Sun 13-Nov Upington
Rest day
Mon 14-Nov Upington 23 Dagbreek
Tue 15-Nov Dagbreek 23 Grootdrink
Wed 16-Nov Grootdrink 22 Kalkwerf
Thu 17-Nov Kalkwerf 15 Veld
Fri 18-Nov Veld 15 veld
Sat 19-Nov veld 14 Groblershoop
Son 20-Nov Groblershoop
Rest day
Mon 21-Nov Groblershoop 31 veld
Tue 22-Nov veld 32 Marydale
Wed 23-Nov Marydale 20 veld
Thur 24-Nov veld 20 veld
Fri 25-Nov veld 20 veld
Sat 26-Nov veld 16 Prieska
Sun 27-Nov Prieska Rest day
Mon 28-Nov Prieska Rest day
Tue 29-Nov Prieska 22 veld
Wed 30-Nov veld 22 veld
Thur 01-Dec veld 21 veld
Fri 02-Dec veld 21 veld
Sat 03-Dec veld 21 veld
Sun 04-Dec veld 21 Douglas
Mon 05-Dec Douglas Rest day
Tue 06-Dec Douglas Rest day
Wed 07-Dec Douglas 22 veld
Thur 08-Dec veld 22 veld
Sat 10-Dec veld 22 veld
Sun 11-Dec veld 22 veld
Mon 12-Dec veld 21 Kimberley
Tue 13-Dec Kimberley Rest day
Wed 14-Dec Kimberley Rest day
Thur 15-Dec Kimberley Rest day
Fri 16-Dec Kimberley Rest day
Sat 17-Dec Kimberley 26 veld
Sun 18-Dec veld 26 Boshoff
Mon 19-Dec Boshoff 26 veld
Tue 20-Dec veld 26 Dealesville
Wed 21-Dec Dealesville 23 veld
Thur 22-Dec veld 23 veld
Fri 23-Dec veld 23 Bloemfontein
Sat 24-Dec Bloemfontein Rest day
Sun 25-Dec Bloemfontein Christmas
Mon 26-Dec Bloemfontein Rest day
Tue 27-Dec Bloemfontein Rest day
Wed 28-Dec Bloemfontein Rest day
Thur 29-Dec Bloemfontein 20 veld
Fri 30-Dec veld 20 veld
Sat 31-Dec veld 20 veld
Sun 01-Jan veld 20 veld
Mon 02-Jan veld 20 veld
Tue 03-Jan veld 20 veld
Wed 04-Jan veld 20 veld
Thur 05-Jan veld 9 veld
Fri 06-Jan veld Ventersburg
Sat 07-Jan Ventersburg
Rest day
Sun 08-Jan Ventersburg
Rest day
Mon 09-Jan Ventersburg Rest day
Tue 10-Jan Ventersburg 25 veld
Wed 11-Jan veld 25 Kroonstad
Thur 12-Jan Kroonstad Rest day
Fri 13-Jan Kroonstad Rest day
Sat 14-Jan Kroonstad 25 veld
Sun 15-Jan veld 25 veld
Mon 16-Jan veld 25 veld
Tue 17-Jan veld 26 Parys
Wed 18-Jan Parys Rest day
Thur 19-Jan Parys Rest day
Fri 20-Jan Parys 30 veld
Sat 21-Jan veld 30 Potchefstroom
Sun 22-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day
Mon 23-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day : Going to Klerksdorp for the day
Tue 24-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day
Wed 25-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day
Thur 26-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day
Fri 27-Jan Potchefstroom Rest day
Sat 28-Jan Potchefstroom 26 veld
Sun 29-Jan veld 26 veld
Mon 30-Jan veld 15 Kruising
Tue 31-Jan Kruising 17 Randfontein
Wed 01-Feb Randfontein 20 Krugersdorp
Thur 02-Feb Krugersdorp 8 Garage get picked up and taken to Pretoria
Fri 03-Feb Pretoria  Interviews
Sat 04-Feb Pretoria Rest day
Sun 05-Feb Pretoria Rest day
Mon 06-Feb Pretoria hospital visits/ interviews/functions
Tue 07-Feb Pretoria hospital visits/Functions
Wed 08-Feb Johannesburg Hospital visits
Thur 09-Feb Johannesburg Hospital visits/interviews
Fri 10-Feb Johannesburg Hospital visits/interviews Warmbad
Sat 11-Feb Johannesburg Warmbad
Sun 12-Feb Pretoria Rest day
Mon 13-Feb Pretoria 50 Bapsfontein
Tue 14-Feb Bapsfontein 50 Delmas
Wed 15-Feb Delmas 22 veld
Thur 16-Feb veld 22 Leandra
Fri 17-Feb Leandra 23 Kinross
Sat 18-Feb Kinross 20 Trichardt
Sun 19-Feb Trichardt 26 Bethal
Mon 20-Feb Bethal 20 veld
Tue 21-Feb veld 20 veld
Wed 22-Feb veld  19 Ermelo
Thur 23-Feb Ermelo Rest day
Fri 24-Feb Ermelo 20 veld
Sat 25-Feb veld 20 veld
Sun 26-Feb veld 19 Amersfoort
Mon 27-Feb Amersfoort 39 Volksrust
Tue 28-Feb Volksrust 30 veld
Wed 29-Feb veld 26  New Castle
Thur 01-Mar New Castle Rest day
Fri 02-Mar New Castle Rest day
Sat 03-Mar New Castle Rest day
Sun 04-Mar Newcastle Rest day
Mon 05-Mar Newcastle 30 Chemsford nature reserve
Tue 06-Mar Chemsford 19 Fort Mistake
wed 07-Mar Fort Mistake 19 veld
Thurs 08-Mar veld 19 veld
Fri 09- Mar veld 19 Ladysmith
Sat 10-Mar Ladysmith Rest day
Sun 11-Mar Ladysmith Rest day
Mon 12-Mar Ladysmith Rest day
Tue 13-Mar Ladysmith 35 Colenso
Wed 14-Mar Colenso 36 Estcourt
Thur 15-Mar Estcourt Rest day
Fri 16-Mar Escourt 30 Mooirivier
Sat 17-Mar Mooirivier 20 Nottingham road
Sun 18-Mar Nottingham road 35 Howick
Mon 19- Mar Howick Rest day
Tue 20-Mar Howick 25 Pietermaritzburg
Wed 21-Mar Pietermaritzburg Rest day
Thur 22-Mar Pietermaritzburg 25 Camperdown
Fri 23-Mar Camperdown Rest day
Sat 24-Mar Camperdown 25 Marianhill Toll
Sun 25-Mar Marianhill Toll 15 Pinetown
Mon 26- Mar Pinetown 19 Durban
Tue 27- Mar Durban Rest day
Wed 28- Mar Durban Rest day
Thur 29- Mar Durban Rest day
Fri 30- Mar Durban 30 Amanzimtoti
Sat 31- Mar Amanzimtoti Rest day
Sun 01- Apr Amanzimtoti Rest day
Mon 02- Apr Amanzimtoti Rest day
Tue 03- Apr Amanzimtoti 20 Scottsburgh
Wed 04- Apr Scottsburgh 20 Sezela
Thur 05- Apr Sezela 20 Hiberdene
Fri 06- Apr Hiberdene  20 Port Shepstone
Sat 07- Apr Port Shepstone Rest day
Sun 08- Apr Port Shepstone Rest day
Mon 09- Apr Port Shepstone Rest day
Tue 10- Apr Port Shepstone Rest day
Wed 11- Apr Port Shepstone Meet Lions
Thur 12- Apr Harrismith Was taken by car
Fri 13- Apr  Harrismith 24  veld
Sat 14- Apr veld 24 Kestell
Sun 15- Apr Kestell  25 veld
Mon 16- Apr veld 25 Bethlehem
Tue 17- Apr Bethlehem Rest day
Wed 18-Apr Bethlehem 19 veld
Thur 19-Apr veld 19 Clarens
Fri 20-Apr  Clarens Rest day
Sat 21-Apr Clarens 17  veld
Sun 22-Apr  veld  17 Fouriesburg
Mon 23-Apr  Fouriesburg  24  veld
Tue 24-Apr veld  24  Ficksburg
Wed 25-Apr  Ficksburg  Rest day
Thur 26-Apr Ficksburg Rest day
Fri 27-Apr  Ficksburg 27  veld
Sat 28-Apr  veld  27 Ladybrand
Sun 29-Apr  Ladybrand  Rest day
Mon 30-Apr  Ladybrand  13  Hobhouse turn off
Tue 01-May  veld  25 veld – Mabula lodge
Wed 02-May veld  27 Hobhouse
Thur 03-May Hobhouse Rest day
Fri 04-May  Hobhouse  Rest day
Sat 05-May  Hobhouse  Rest day Bloem knipmes function
Sun 06-May  Hobhouse  Rest day
Mon 07-May  Hobhouse  Rest day
Tue 08- May  Hobhouse 21  veld
Wed 09-May  veld  21  Wepener
Thur 10-May  Wepener 33 vel

11-FriMay  veld 33  Zastron
Sat 12-May  Zastron   Rest day
Sun 13-May  Zastron  20  veld
Mon 14-May  veld  15 Rouxville
Tue 15-May  Rouxville Rest
Wed 16- May  Rouxville 17  veld
 Do  17-may veld 18  Aliwal North
 Vry 18-May Aliwal North  School visits
 Sat 19-May Aliwal North Rest day
 Sun 20-May  Aliwal North Rest day
Mon 21 May Aliwal North 25 Kalkoenkrans
 Tue 22-May  Kalkoenkrans 30 Jamestown
Wed  23-May  Jamestown Rest day
Thur 24-May  Jamestown Rest
Fri  25-May  Jamestown 25 veld
 Sat 26-May veld 30 Valschfontein
Sun 27-May Valschfontein  30 veld
Mon 28-May veld 30 Queenstown
Tue 29-May Queenstown Rest day
Wed 30-May Queenstown  Rest day
Thur 31-May Queenstown Rest day
Fri 01-Jun Queenstown  30 imvani game lodge
 Sat 02-Jun Imvani 30 Cathcart
 Sun  03-Jun Cathcart Rest Day
Mon 04-Jun Cathcart 25  veld
Tue 05-Jun veld 25 Stutterheim
Wed  06-Jun Stutterheim Rest day
Thur  07-Jun  Stutterheim 24 Keiroad
 Fri 08-Jun  Keiroad 24 Macleantown
Sat 09-Jun  Macleantown 28 East London
Sun 10-Jun East london Rest day
Mon 11-Jun East london Hospital visits
Tue 12-Jun East London School visits and functions
Wed 13-Jun Eas London Functions
Thur 14-Jun East London 15 Gulu private resort
Fri 15-Jun veld 20 veld
Sat 16-Jun veld 20 veld
Sun 17-Jun veld  20 veld
Mon 18-Jun veld 20 veld
Tue 19-Jun veld 20 Port Alfred
Wed 20-Jun Port Alfred   Rest day
Thur 21-Jun Port Alfred   Rest day
Fri 22-Jun Port Alfred 25 Kenton on sea
Sat 23-Jun Kenton on sea   Rest day
Sun 24-Jun Kenton on sea 25 Alexandria
Mon 25-Jun Alexandria 23 veld
Tues 26-Jun veld  23 Nanaga
Wed 27-Jun Nanaga   Rest day
Thur 28-Jun Nanaga   Rest day
Fri 29-Jun  Nanaga   Wildsfees
Sat 30-jun Nanaga 18 Colchester
Sun 01-July Colchester 25 P.E
Mon 02-July P.E   Hospital visit
Tue 03-July P.E   functions
Wed 04-July P.E   School visits and Functions
Thur 05-July P.E   functions
Fri 06-July P.E   Functions
Sat 07-July P.E   Functions
Sun 08-July P.E   Rest day
Mon 09-July P.E 20 van Stadensriver
Tue 10-July Van Stadensriver 34 Farm
Wed 11-July Farm 25 Humansdorp
Thur 12-July Humansdorp   Rest day
Fri 13-July Humansdorp 25 Kareedouw turnoff
Sat 14-July Kareedouw turnoff 25 Oudebosch farmstall
Sun 15-July Oudebosch farmstall 28 Tsitsikamma lodge
Mon 16-July     Rest day
Tue 17-July  Lodge 15 Bloukrans
Wed 18-July     Rest day
Thur 19-July Bloukrans 18 veld
Fri 20-July veld 18 Plett
Sat 21-July Plett Rest
Sun 22-July  Plett 18  veld
Mon 23 July  veld 18  Knysna
Tues 24 July  Knysna
Wed 25 July  Knysna
Thurs 26 July  Knysna 28  Sedgefield
Fri 27 July  Sedgefield
Sat 28 July  Sedgefield 23  Wilderness
 Sun 29 July  Wilderness 18  George
Mon 30 July  George
Tues 31 July  George 
Wed 01 Aug George
Thurs 02 Aug  George 25  Pizza plek
 Fri 03 Aug  Pizza plek  20  veld
Sat 04 Aug  veld 7  HOME

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